New foods

By Lazar Feldman
Crazy hair day 2014 #hair #crazy

Crazy hair day 2014 #hair #crazy

Crazy hair day 2014 #hair #crazy #usa  (at Home)

Crazy hair day 2014 #hair #crazy #usa (at Home)

Newfoods day 111- gulab jamun

I’m still in Delhi. Today I tried a gulab jamun fron the local sweet stall. I have tried this before in Canada at Julian and Anje’s wedding. This was probably better than the one in Canada. This was one best things I’ve had on new foods so far! It was warm and came with a really nice syrup. It was so good i took my dad back to have onethe next day.

Lazar’s rating 8/10

New Foods Day 110- Indian Breakfast

Hi welcome back to new foods. I am currently  in Delhi, India. We arrived last night and now I am on the roof of my hotel having a traditional Indian breakfast. My brother and sister just had cornflakes and fruit and toast but i went a bit deeper. My breakfast consisted of vadai that looked like small doughnuts but they were savoury and I dipped them in a watery dahl. I also had upma which was similar to couscous, paratha like a soft naan, and a spicy omelette.

Not the same as what I usually eat for breakfast, but I think that it is yum. We have had Upma in our cupboard at home for five years and have never cooked it. Im going to check it when I get home. 

Please follow me because I am going to be in India for the next six weeks and hopefully trying lots of new foods.

Lazar’s overall rating: 7/10   

New Foods Day 109 - Samosa

Hi i’m still at Floras and I am now going to try a samosa. I know i have tried a samosa at Anj and Puttys wedding but thats Vancouver. The samosa from Floras was probably the best samosa I have had in my life it had just the normal samosa stuff but it was very crispy ,fresh and delicious.

I look forward to trying samosas in India.

Lazar’s rating 9/10